Web Hosting

Service (support) is our top priority. Our staff is ready to answer your questions, and assist you in a professional manner. We offer 2 kinds of hosting packages: Personal Package for individuals, & Business Package for corporate entities. Each package has its own advantages.

Our servers have the latest processors with Intel Quad Xeon with datacenters located in Indonesia, Singapore and the United States of America ensuring you get 99.9% server uptime with access speeds that are much better than our competitors.

PondokMedia as one of the few Indonesian companies that manages the hosting business professionally with offices located in Jakarta, Semarang and Singapore. We are ready to provide support and answer questions regarding your confusion via telephone, sms, email, chat or face-to-face meetings.

The PondokMedia datacenter for the Indonesian network is located in Jakarta, while in the USA we have several servers spread across the Texas, New Jersey and Dallas datacenters. Meanwhile, our server in Singapore is located at the Singtel Datacenter which ensures the stability of the access network both from Indonesia and internationally.

With this infrastructure we have a stable network that allows us to provide hosting services with 99.9% uptime. We provide a lifetime guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services we provide. Our servers also feature auto-backup to our separate backup servers which ensures you won't lose your data in the worst case. Some of the facilities that you rarely find compared to other Indonesian hosting.

Purchasing a domain with us allows you to own a full domain, you can manage the WHOIS data of the domain and manage the dns records of the domain in question.

Personal Package

Hosting packages for those of you who have started to think of websites as part of your business and life. This package comes with a POP3 email account and one package can support unlimited domains.

Business Package

Does your company need full support for website and email hosting? Your Hosting and Email Provider is now less active in solving problems that occur?

We are always ready to support all email and website problems according to your needs! One stop solution for your IT needs! Because we understand, every online obstacle that occurs on the website & email will also hinder your company's offline transactions!

This package is also suitable for active internet users who have dozens of websites that require large capacity and better management.

*)According to your company's agreement with PT Bumi Intermedia

Domain Registration

Enter the domain and tld you wish to use in the boxes below and click Lookup to see whether the domain is available for purchase.


TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
.com 1 Year/s Rp. 125000.00 Rp. 150000.00 Rp. 150000.00
.net 1 Year/s Rp. 175000.00 Rp. 175000.00 Rp. 175000.00
.org 1 Year/s Rp. 200000.00 Rp. 200000.00 Rp. 200000.00
.biz 1 Year/s Rp. 135000.00 Rp. 135000.00 Rp. 135000.00
.info 1 Year/s Rp. 135000.00 Rp. 135000.00 Rp. 135000.00
.asia 1 Year/s Rp. 210000.00 Rp. 210000.00 Rp. 210000.00
.cards 1 Year/s Rp. 430000.00 Rp. 430000.00 Rp. 430000.00
.email 1 Year/s Rp. 631000.00 Rp. 631000.00 Rp. 631000.00
.xyz 1 Year/s Rp. 18000.00 Rp. 150000.00 Rp. 150000.00