Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an advertising product created by Google which is still Google's main source of income in the advertising field. Google AdWords is a new advertising marketing strategy that uses the Google search engine as advertising suggestions, also known as Search Engine Marketing or search engine based marketing.


Google AdWords has two ways of advertising, namely:

  1. PPM or Pay Per Million Impressions system, where advertisers pay for products advertised through Google based on the number per thousand impressions or impressions of the ad.
  2. PPC or Pay Per Click system, where advertisers pay for ads based on the number of clicks they get from the ad. So if the ad appears on the Google search engine but no one clicks on it, the advertiser will not pay the ad serving fee.


Google AdWords strategy is to target keywords or search keywords. So we can target our ads out on certain keywords. For example if someone wants to advertise about car rental, then he can target the keyword “car rental” on Google AdWords and then the ad will appear in search results when people enter the keyword “car rental”.


The Google AdWords platform is divided into 2, namely:

  1. Google Search, where our ads appear on the Google search engine. This search platform is based on text and keywords.
  2. Google Display Network, where our ads will appear on sites that belong to the Google Display Network network. Namely sites that install Google Adsense on their sites. This Display Network platform is based on text, image, flash and video.